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The Cross-Cultural Training Workshops are interactive customized sessions. They present practical tools and methods anchored in experience, current case studies and publications. Following your specific needs and interests, I accurately orchestrate fieldwork and academic analysis for equipping you with an innovative set of skills. Practicing your Cross-Cultural skills will lead you to ask the right questions and achieve sustainable and effective international impact.

After many years of gaining knowledge and experience while working with people from diverse cultures and living in many places, I invented my profession: a Cross-Culturalist. As a Cross-Culturalist I aspire to be the person I yearned to have met and consulted with numerous times in my life. My mission is to assist you and your organizations in crossing cultural thresholds and barriers and transforming cultural differences into sustainable competitive strengths.

Cultural Mediation

Cultural differences are often a primary source for conflicts and misunderstandings that lead to dramatic results and losses in all levels: interpersonal, organizational and business corporate.
Human diversity and multicultural working environments are often a given fact in the globalized business world of the 21st century. The ability to mediate cultural differences is an essential component for working and living: expanding to new markets, researching target audiences, offering the precise user experience you desire and communicating effectively both with colleagues and clients.
You are required to navigate your way Cross-Culturally for achieving your goals and succeeding in your missions. The question is how. How do you transform cultural differences into competitive and sustainable strengths?
Believing cultural differences have pivotal potentials, you may learn how to harness these differences for bridging gaps and forging a unique business DNA. The same cultural differences that may conflict and create fault lines, may also become your key to sustainable mediation. Mediating cultural differences may become your source of creativity, innovation and satisfaction.
Acquiring Cross-Cultural perspectives supplies you with subtle and yet fundamental tools for recognizing, assessing and acting in crucial moments. The Cross-Cultural skills and tools will enable you to navigate smoothly across cultures and accomplish your global goals.
Cultural Mediation Trainings are suitable both for acute crisis management and ongoing conflicts, as well as future conflict prevention. The workshops and trainings are an inspiring enrichment for yourself, your team and organization.

Diversity Management

Differences between the ways in which people think, feel and act are abundant in today’s working environment. These differences may be the primary source of conflict and misunderstanding therefore requiring refined management and leadership skills.
Logic operates differently in different settings and the success of fulfilling your goals in a multicultural reality depends on your compatibility and understanding of specific cultural context.
You are often required to lead a project or task with a diverse team or manage a multidisciplinary organization. Despite all differences you are entailed to provide the best result. This challenge requires preparation and the right set of skills.
Acquiring Cross-Cultural skills is the most effective way for avoiding inner conflicts, keeping your team together and mediating gaps. Diversity management is compulsory for business leaders, project managers, teams, groups and organizations aiming to thrive internationally and become exquisite leaders and decision makers.
Diversity Management is suitable for both acute crisis management and ongoing conflicts, as well as future conflict prevention. The workshops and trainings are an inspiring enrichment for yourself, your team and organization.

Effective Cross-Cultural Communication

Communication is a crucial muscle in any interpersonal interaction, especially in international business environments. The ability to deliver a message, accomplish your task precisely and successfully across cultures depends on your competence and skills. You are required to have the ability to sense different perspectives, re-frame reality and re-narrate it accordingly. Effective Cross-Cultural Communication draws attention not only to what you say and on how you say it, but also on how you pause, listen, prepare, and communicate between the lines.
By expanding and polishing your Cross-Cultural communication skills, you will be able to decipher cultural codes, sense subtleties and nuances and deliver your messages successfully. You will be able to enrich your communication styles and adjust your presentations to your specific circumstances. You will be confident to present powerful stories, listen intently and ask the right questions.
The Cross-Cultural Communication Trainings are an inspiring and engaging experiences which equip you with practical tools ready for use.

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