“People are like birds,
each with their own song
and God understands them all.
But each person understands only part of God
Therefore one cannot say: only Jews are right or only Muslims are right or only Christians
Yet it is important for each person to know their own song
and try to understand songs of others”

-Jacqueline Kahanoff

About Encounters

Encounters is a boutique business tailored to follow your interests, needs, curiosity and dreams.
It transforms cultural differences into strengths.

I founded Encounters for sharing the way I live, work and travel. I believe that the Cross-Cultural perspective underlines the power of curiosity and creates a place for all humans just the way they are. It is about everyone and everyplace. This perspective enhances the satisfaction and delights of life.

Encounters - Cross Cultural Tours & Workshops

Who I am

I am a Cross Culturalist, Mediator, Urbanist, Entrepreneur and Writer. I am deeply fascinated by the ways in which cultures lead people to think certain thoughts, feel certain feelings and express them in their actions.
For over a decade I have been leading, training and guiding diverse individuals and groups in Cross-Cultural fields in English, Hebrew, French, Spanish and Arabic. I have lived and worked in the United States, France, Spain and Argentina while bridging cultures, researching them and initiating and leading entrepreneurial projects. Influenced by the Tel-Avivian start-up eco system, I have founded Encounters which is my innovative and exciting business that allows me to celebrate Cross-Culturalism in Tours and Workshops.
I hold an MA in Mediation & Conflict Resolution from Tel Aviv University.

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  • “The best things were first that Ilyll presented her knowledge in an interactive style and further her point of view was always multicultural.”
    -Trudy W., Scotland
  • “Having 16 guests for a company workshop in Israel can be quite a challenge, especially with many of them visiting for the first time here. Ilyll’s ability to envelope our training with so many cross-cultural stories and anecdotes was indeed the pinnacle.”
    -G. Bar, Israel
  • “Ilyll was truly insightful, bringing with her a wealth of information sprinkled with hidden treasures and delicious bites”
    -Liat K., Spain
  • “The best part for me was to learn about the cross-cultural and social dialogue.
    Not only did we have a lot of fun, but also at the end of it, we’d really gained some understanding and tools on how to look from different angles and judge on our own. An experience definitely enriching us beyond the exciting hours – and smart money spent.”
    -Nadine A., Switzerland
  • “Ilyll’s enthusiasm made this into an authentic and lively experience of understanding what happens when different cultures meet”
    -Kova B., Poland
  • “I have been impressed by Ilyll’s knowledge and the way she can mix different aspects.
    You also you discover to have more “eyes” (and you really need because suddenly, you start to see much more details. It’s a real inter-cultural dialogue”
    -Angelica R., Italy
  • “Ilyll was passionate about her subject, obviously has spent years studying it, and was full of thoughtful stories and interpretations”
    -Shira F., Australia
  • “Ilyll made every topic not only fascinating, but also added incredible depth to the topics- touching on facets relating to culture, history, sociology, and economic issues- providing insight into topics that are compelling to those with diverse interests”
    -Abigail K., United States
  • “A cross cultural dialogue on the move, encouraging all participants to share the their own reflections and observations, conducted by the talented, elegant and highly intellectual Ilyll.”
    -R. B. Shaya, France
  • “Encounters is highly recommended for those interested in getting a more profound and different view of things in Israel. Ilyll was not only very charming but very well versed in the topics covered.”
    -E. Alerhard, Mexico
  • “It was eye opening to understand how different cultures come together in Israel.”
    -Lauren. W, United States
  • “llyll is a wonderfully engaging, intelligent and charming story teller.
    Ilyll is an expert translator; she provided us with an intriguing glimpse into the local code of cultural temperament.”
    -Marc. C, United States
  • “Ilyll provided social, historical, architectural and cultural context in a friendly, engaging and accessible way”
    -A. Yekkes, England
  • “Ilyll is a polished, charming presenter”
    -Raphael M., United States
  • “Ilyll was fantastic. She made it very personal. We were concerned that the training might be filled with generalizations and stereotypes but instead it was filled with individual stories. Highly highly recommended.”
    -Amy V., United States
  • “Ilyll has humanistic, philosophical and sociological approach and her insights will surprise you. Ilyll embodies the voice of our generation of curious, liberal, well-educated and open minded, young students and professionals.”
    -Charlotte G., Holland
  • “Ilyll took us beneath the surface of what you see, how development, architecture, economy and politics are interwoven. I definitely recommend Ilyll as she interacts with you, has a lot of knowledge as such and about details and she is a very cheerful person. Thank you, Ilyll!”
    -Barbara F., Switzerland
  • “Ilyll kept you involved with her questions to see if you had grasped the basics in design concepts and you were encouraged to give your own opinions”
    -Julian E., Germany
  • “Ilyll is as well-read as funny, and keeps the tour group entertained and hanging on to her words all through the hours. We left with many new insights and lots of things to discuss. I can strongly recommend this”
    -Eva G., United States
  • “We asked lots of questions, which Ilyll readily answered, and she even provided us with additional resources and information”
    -Rachel S., United States
  • “Ilyll made us think, wonder and feeling really welcomed. All questions raised by the group were answered”
    -Jasmin S., Germany
  • “Ilyll made us think. She made us look sharply. Look behind the facades. Think about what we’ve seen and evaluate on our own. She made us curious for more. She compared narratives against the real thing. That was an truly extraordinary. Ilyll is really in love with what she’s doing.”
    -Kay L., Germany
  • “Ilyll opened up entirely new perspectives. So we really learned a lot. Ilyll made us look sharply – and encouraged us to think and discover on our own. Her interactive style of communication didn’t make it feel like a lecture, but an interesting discussion actively involving everybody. And, of course, Ilyll’s qualities are to be mentioned: Her entertaining and yet highly knowledgeable way of telling little stories and making the point. You just feel the dedication and sweeping passion she is putting into her work.”
    -Fabian A., Germany
  • “Ilyll was nice passionate and knowledgeable. She really has a unique point to share! Ilyll taught us how to look at the various cultures and understand their symbols and languages.”
    -Tova B., Poland
  • “The group was really hanging on to her words all through the time”
    -Olivia C., France
  • “We had an excellent experience: fascinating and the explanations and discussions were smart and illuminating”
    -Noam R., Israel
  • “I’ll keep in my memory for long – with all those interesting stories and true passion.”
    -Anita J., United States
  • “Ilyll gave us a fascinating new perspective of the culture. Ilyll really opened our eyes in an engaging and entertaining way.”
    -Abby G., United States
  • “Very likable and approachable, answered all questions with knowledge and ease”
    -Brad L., United States
  • “Ilyll kept you involved with her questions to see if you had grasped the basics in design concepts and you were encouraged to give your own opinions. Ilyll was engaging and made you feel at ease and relaxed. Not to be missed.”
    -Eli J., England
  • “Ilyll was well-informed and well-organized”
    -T. Nader, Germany

Cross-Cultural Inspiration

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