Encounters - Cross Cultural Tours & Workshops

What we do

We lead your company, through creative thinking processes and equip you with tools for working effectively in the 21st century globalized business world. Today’s limitless working environment offers access to anywhere on the globe and possibility to work with whoever you like. Yet this global mindset is not challenge free. Logic operates differently in different settings, the success of fulfilling your goals in the multi-cultural reality depends on your compatibility and understanding of the specific cultural, social, economic and political context. Our training will equip your VPs, project managers, or any group of employees, with the ability to be better decision makers.

How we do it

Each of our training is individually tailored to suit your company’s needs. We customize the most suitable tools to achieve sustainable and effective impact. We equip you with means to decipher cultural codes and become refined global negotiators and cultural mediators. Our experts orchestrate academic sources, fieldwork, qualitative and quantitative analysis and tell a story that will lead you to achieve your. In our inspiring and engaging training sessions you will be confident to listen actively and ask the right questions leading you to make the best choices for your business.

Cross-Cultural Workshop Themes

  • World-Wise: Strengthening Your Global Navigation Skills
  • Diversity Management
  • Effective Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Building Trust Across Cultures
  • Innovative Culture specific Training
  • Cross Cultural Competency for Health & Medical Care
  • Mediating Cultural Gaps in the Workplace Environment

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