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The Last Vine of the Yemenite Quarter Tel Aviv
November 15, 2015 

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Jaffa Told by Fishermen, Workers & an Imam
June 2, 2015 

Jaffa, Ajami neighbourhood. Eighth graders from Meytarim school (southern Israel) who came to Jaffa for a cross-cultural...

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Intercultural Interview 
Intercultural Interview at the Xoho
November 3, 2014 

Xoli Ormut-Durbin - Born and raised in Hong Kong. Eldest, has a brother and a sister. Studied graphic...

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Wondering: What to see in Tel-Aviv and Jaffa?
October 15, 2014 

Have an insider's look at the city

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Intercultural Interview 
Intercultural Interview: Dukurra
October 11, 2014 

Name: Dukurra Ali Ibrahim Muhamad Original culture: Burgo, Sudan Mother tongue: Burgo, Speaks also: Arabic,...

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