Encounters – Cross-Cultural Tours in Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Encounters specializes in cross-cultural interactive experiences. Encounters started as a personal lifestyle, passion and everyday philosophy. Believing the city is dense in multiple layers of narratives and cultures, in every tour you encounter this fascinating richness.
Our cross-cultural tours unfold the ways in which cultures interact within Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Every cross-cultural tour focuses on a specific topic such as culinary culture, architecture, street art, poetry, immigrants and much more.
All the tours are an interactive encounter with the Israeli society!

Tours are tailor-made following your desires. Cross-cultural Tel Aviv tours are adapted to all audiences and sectors: business and private sectors, government and public sectors and the third sector.

Tours are held in English, Hebrew or French.
And Yes, tours are inspiring and fun!

Encounters - Cross Cultural Tours & Workshops

Ilyll Sne-Or

Born in a multicultural family and raised in Israel and the USA. Currently living, creating and working in Tel Aviv after living in Granada (Spain) and Paris. Ilyll is a cultural entrepreneur, urbanist, writer and researcher. Ilyll has over nine years of experience in leading, training and guiding diverse groups and individuals in cross-cultural fields in English, French, Hebrew & Arabic. Ilyll holds a BA in Middle Eastern and African and French and a MA in Mediation and Conflict Resolution both from the Tel Aviv University. Founding Encounters – Cross Cultural Tours & Workshops incorporates her eagerly curious nature, passion for people and their cultures, entrepreneurship and love for dialoguing via cultures and human encounters.

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Encounters - Cross Cultural Tours & Workshops

Shirel Horovitz

Shirel is a multidisciplinary artist creating installations and performances exploring cities, communities and the materials that turn them into a dynamic organism.
For the past 8 years, alongside her art practice, she’s been leading tours and workshops with private groups as well as a variety of organizations and institutions, sharing her unique point of view on the rich and vibrant scene with people from around the world.
Shirel earned her BFA from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, her MA from The Interdisciplinary Art program in Tel Aviv University and has exhibited in major galleries and art events in Israel and across the US.

Encounters - Cross Cultural Tours & Workshops

Yonatan H. Mishal

Born in Chicago, U.S.A. he grew up in Israel, now living and working in Tel Aviv. Yonatan is an urbanist, writer, artist and cultural entrepreneur. He teaches art and photography, writes for various publications and magazines and works on developing programs that connect art, education and urbanism.

Encounters - Cross Cultural Tours & Workshops

Nisreen Zoabi

Born and raised in Nazareth, Israel, Nisreen grew up with an inherent sense of cross-cultural understanding. She is a humanities major who discovered a passion for helping Arab Israeli organizations realize their potential. With a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages from Tel Aviv University, Nisreen works as a deputy CEO at the largest marketing company in the Arab Sector. She is a mission-driven cultural entrepreneur who believes in business for change, an amateur fashion designer and a linguistic enthusiast who speaks five languages.

Encounters - Cross Cultural Tours & Workshops

Hadas Lavee

Hadas is a WordPress expert and a front-end developer. she has been designing and developing websites since age 14, and professionally over 6 years.
Hadas is also an Architecture Graduate at Bezalel academy of arts and design – Jerusalem. Currently working as a freelance websites developer.