“What sets worlds in motion is the interplay of differences, their attractions and repulsions.”
-Octavio Paz


Encounters – Cross-Cultural Tours in Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Encounters specializes in cross-cultural interactive experiences. Encounters started as a personal lifestyle, passion and everyday philosophy. Believing the city is dense in multiple layers of narratives and cultures, in every tour you encounter this fascinating richness.
Our cross-cultural tours unfold the ways in which cultures interact within Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Every cross-cultural tour focuses on a specific topic such as culinary culture, architecture, street art, poetry, immigrants and much more.
All the tours are an interactive encounter with the Israeli society!

Tours are tailor-made following your desires. Cross-cultural Tel Aviv tours are adapted to all audiences and sectors: business and private sectors, government and public sectors and the third sector.

Tours are held in English, Hebrew or French.
And Yes, tours are inspiring and fun!

Encounters Blog

comunication skills cross cultural comunication 
Cultural Superiority Bias
October 10, 2018 

What culture is the best culture? Which culture has invented this delicious dish or that technologic...

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Architecture cross cultural Israel cross cultural Tel Aviv Food 
The Last Vine of the Yemenite Quarter Tel Aviv
November 15, 2015 

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Architecture Inspirational Jaffa Jaffa Cultures Tel Aviv Tour 
Jaffa Told by Fishermen, Workers & an Imam
June 2, 2015 

Jaffa, Ajami neighbourhood. Eighth graders from Meytarim school (southern Israel) who came to Jaffa for a cross-cultural...

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